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Organic Canine Kelp


Meet five year old, first generation silver lab "Dante."

A few months ago his skin & coat were a mess. (BEFORE PICTURE)


After four months of using "Happy Girl's Canine/Feline Kelp" Dante looks ready for "Best in Show." His fur is soft & thick. Previous skin issues have disappeared. (NOW PICTURE)


Prior to using "Happy Girl's Canine/Feline Kelp" Dante would run outside in cold weather to relieve himself. then race back inside. Now he loves spending time outside, even in the rain & snow.


Happily his BM's are firmer. Dante's energy level is more balanced. He has been revitalized!


Every week we hear amazing stories of how "Happy Girl's Organic Canine Feline Kelp" has helped transform the lives of Pet Parents and their furry friends.



Flax Seed, Atlantic Sea Kelp, Chamomile, Chickweed, Goldenrod & Cinnamon.



Dante: NOW

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