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At three months of age Happy Girl was hit by a vehicle in Negril, Jamaica.

I discovered her perishing in a pile of leaves and took her for help.

Now Happy Girl lives in Canada with my canine family "the Raspberry Gang." 

For 37 years I was terrified of any dog.

In 2010 I began studying dog psychology to learn their language & hopefully conquer my fear. 

Now I rehabilitate & help dogs that no one else can or will.

A number of my rescued canine's came from very stressful situations. This made their stomachs prone to allergies & sensitivities. I began making nutritional biscuits for these rescued dogs as an alernative to commercial wheat, grain or starch based treats. 

My goal is to always work with Mother Nature by using the most nutritious ingredients & Organic Herbs. 

Now I live a life of service to mankind's best friends. This is my way of trying to thank canine's & My Hero.

Happy Day


When I was a little puppy I got hit by a vehicle in Jamaica. 

Brian found me and saved my life. 

Now I live in Canada with my canine family "the Raspberry Gang." 

Our dog treats are nummy, scrummy & nutritious.

Even though I have three legs, it doesn't bother me.

We only see ability.

Lovin' everything & everybody...

Happy Girl

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