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Organic Canine Kelp


This is Hugo my standard poodle he is 8-9 years old At a year of age he suddenly found himself unable to walk and puked up everything we tried to feed him. then when taken to the vets he was diagnosed with Addison's: A disease that causes the immune system to attack it's self. he was quickly put on a large quantity of florinel ( 11 pills daily) and prednisone (once daily ). I have tried numerous natural based products to help him with his dry coat, tummy trouble, loose stool & his puking at least once a week.

Within a week of using "Happy Girl's Organic Canine?Feline Kelp: Skin & Coat" his fur is softer and his dandruff has cut in half, his stool has improved as well as his mobility, His tummy no longer grumbles in the middle of the night so he sleeps soundly through the hole night. He has not puked or had any signs of wanting to puke.

This dog has grown with me and I have always felt bad about his discomfort from the pills and his disease I am so happy that I have found something to help make him happier and not feel such harsh effects from the long term affects of his medications and Addison's

I have never had a product work so well on him, not to mention so quickly as well! So thank-you.

Hugo's owner



Every week we hear amazing stories of how Happy Girl's Organic Canine Feline Kelp has helped transform the lives of Pet Parents and their furry friends.



Flax Seed, Atlantic Sea Kelp, Chamomile, Chickweed, Goldenrod & Cinnamon.


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