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Ryker: NOW



Organic Canine Kelp


This is our Bichon Frise "Ryker."

For as long as we can remember Ryker has chewed on his front left paw because of food allergies.

The entire paw was raw & red. (BEFORE PICTURE)

Our only option was to keep changing the type of food he ate. This rarely worked for more than a couple of weeks.

Last November we began supplementing Ryker's food with "Happy Girl's Organic Kelp: Skin & Coat."

A month later his left paw began returning to normal. 

After only two months most of his chewing and redness was gone. I was pretty amazed at this point. (TWO MONTHS PICTURE)

Now four months later, seeing really is believing. (NOW PICTURE)

Ryker looks so beautiful.

Thank-you for caring enough to help our furry friends.

You rock!

Elaine Holt


Every week we hear amazing stories of how Happy Girl's Organic Canine Feline Kelp has helped transform the lives of Pet Parents and their furry friends.



Flax Seed, Atlantic Sea Kelp, Chamomile, Chickweed, Goldenrod & Cinnamon.


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