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Wallace: BEFORE

Wallace: NOW

Organic Canine Kelp


We did a little experiment earlier this winter to see if "Happy Girl Puppy's Organic Kelp" was really helping Wallace as much as we thought it was...

It turns out it actually was doing MORE than we gave it credit for. Within 2 weeks of stopping the Kelp, Wallace's dandruff returned worse than ever and his stomach and armpits were scabbing. Of course, we put him back on it and we saw him improve again within the week.

We sell Kelp at our store because it REALLY WORKS. It's a dog super food; we highly recommend this LONDON made product!


Peter Newbould

Owner "The Friendly Groomer"


Every week we hear amazing stories of how Happy Girl's Organic Canine Feline Kelp has helped transform the lives of Pet Parents and their furry friends.



Flax Seed, Atlantic Sea Kelp, Chamomile, Chickweed, Goldenrod & Cinnamon.


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