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Happy Urinary: Feline

Here's a note from Pet Parent Amy K. of Windsor
Dear Happy Girl:
Champagne is a 2 year old Maine Coon mix who was found on a sideroad when he was just a tiny little kitten. Last October, Champagne was diagnosed with a complete urinary blockage, spending a day and night in the Vet hospital he had to be fully catheterized to remove the crystal blockage. Following the procedure the vet prescribed a urinary diet food in both dry and wet form, and explained the most common re-occurance is during the first 6 months of the initial infection. Myself working in the pet care industry, was not fond of the vet prescribed food. Doing my own research on diet and with the help of Happy Girl Feline Urinary Care supplement, we are happy to say Champagne has hit the 6 month mark from his blockage without any new urinary issues appearing. He receives the supplement twice a day mixed into his wet food. I had tried the Cranimals Cranberry supplement prior to the Happy Girl supplement and he wanted absolutely nothing to do it, I was kind of concerned since the Happy Girl supplement has a lot of Cranberry extract as well, but this handsome boy eats it with no problem, in fact, when he sees the "famous" red bag come out of the drawer, he runs to his bowl!
Thanks for making a difference
Amy & Champagne

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